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  • Walk to Montclair Village

    Posted on October 30th, 2005 Jeff Keller 1 comment

    After more than a week of constant work I decided to go for a stroll down to Montclair Village, the “downtown” of my new neighborhood. There’s a trail that runs from the base of my street down to the village, and it takes about 20-25 minutes to walk down there. It’s an easy walk — except for the part where I have to walk back up my street. Here are some pictures that I took on my walk to the farmer’s market in the village this morning.

    Looking back up my street toward my house (not visible)

    Going toward Shepherd Canyon Rd, which is the main route from the bottom of the hill to the top.

    On the trail along Shepherd Canyon

    You pass some real monster homes on this path

    Random shot that I really like

    Passing over Snake Rd

    Just a little further

    Entering the village

    I bought some chocolate croissants, and that was it

    This is pretty funny… a dog parking lot

    Photos taken with the Canon PowerShot S80.


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