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  • Europe Trip Day 8: Santorini

    Posted on July 15th, 2006 Jeff Keller 11 comments

    Today was our much-anticipated stop in Santorini, Greece. Although hot and
    crowded, it was well worth the trip — it’s a pretty amazing place. Like Dubrovnik,
    Santorini is a photography paradise, with its white buildings and blue roofs.

    Click the link for a huge collection of beautiful photos from today.

    Approaching Santorini at dawn. The towns on the island sit on the rim of what
    was once a volcano.

    The main town, Fira, is accessible in three ways: on foot, on a cable car,
    or on a donkey.

    Here’s the top of the cable car line. We took this on the way down, and it’s
    pretty scary.

    The highlight of the day was taking a donkey up to the top of the hill. For
    €3.50 you can take a ten minute ride that you’ll never forget.

    Here’s my "donkey cam" view on the way up. I almost dropped my camera on the
    way up while I was trying to take a picture. I caught it by the strap!

    And here’s the trusty steed that got me to the top of the hill.

    Now it’s time for some shots from Fira. As you can see, this is a photographer’s
    dream come true. That’s our ship out in the water.

    Now we’re in Oia, which is the place that’s always in the pictures of Santorini

    Many of the buildings on the cliff are hotels… what a location!

    Pretty amazing place…

    One of several cats that we saw on the island. There were lots of lazy dogs
    sleeping in the shade as well.

    It’s like a living postcard in Oia

    This building was destroyed in an earthquake (I believe in the 1950’s)

    Fira at night

    Today’s bonus shot: my dessert! That’s creme brulée times three: coffee, vanilla,
    and chocolate. Yum!


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    • Absolutely stunning!

    • Phillip Doorbar

      Jeff just caught up with your holiday it looks fantastic. How do you manage to fit in all this info & have a hol as well. It’s really brill that you can do this though, there must be hundreds of people on holiday with you! please keep it up – a real live travel guide, nice one.

    • I really liked the night shot; it’s quite a sight.
      Your donkey adventures reminded me of my own around the outskirts of Luxor a dozen years ago (minus the giant hill part, of course)…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hmm, you visited Santorini as well, i think it’s the most beautiful island in Greece!
      Thanks for sharing some photos with us.
      PS: It’s not Fira at night,
      it’s Thira at night.
      Greece 4 ever,

    • I’m just wondering how they keep those buildings so clean! Great photos.

    • Jeff, those are some great shots. That place could definately blow out your white balance!! My lord, even the cat was white!! You have made me start to consider that lens!

    • Santorini is once in a lifetime experience and one from the 227 inhabnitated Greek islands out of the approximately 6000 islands!
      Welcome to our homeland and have a good time.

    • A small correction to the names Fira nad Thira:
      The nightshot is Fira and not Thira.
      Fira is the name of the main town is Santorini.
      Thira is the old name of Santorini island and is not the name of town.

    • Nice shots Jeff… you made me remind my trip there…. Santorini is a paradise in Earth. Your Creme Bruleรฉ looks great too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wife and I just returned from what appears to be same or similar trip on the Nordam.
      We walked up the 588 steps cabled down Santorini!!

    • Fantastic shots Jeff, by the way those pictures were taken with the EF-S 17-85 were they put through photoshop but even if they were i wonder why everyone is downing the 17-85 i’m sold will be ordering tomorrow… christos,,, Land Of The Greek Gods.