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  • Europe Trip Day 11: Malta

    Posted on July 18th, 2006 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    After a lazy day at sea yesterday, today we stopped in Valletta, Malta —
    not a place I’d ever expect to be, that’s for sure! Valletta has an impressive
    harbor, and the whole city rises above it. The colors of the buildings are
    almost identical, as everything is made of limestone. After a tour of Valletta
    we headed to Malta’s old capital — Mdina. This was a pretty cool place, though
    it felt more like North Africa than Europe.

    After four hours in the blistering heat it was back to the ship for some pool
    action. Following that (and a margarita) we sailed away, which was pretty neat.
    I’ve got photos of our departure plus a lot more after the link.

    Tomorrow is our last day of the cruise! We stop for half a day in Messina,
    Sicily (we already went
    past it
    ) and then back to Rome on Thursday.

    View of Valletta from our balcony. The whole city is situated on top of these
    sheer rock walls

    Valletta’s harbor is impressive

    Inside of St. John’s Co-Cathedral

    The buses in Malta are ancient

    Now we’re in Mdina. This is the entrance to the old city

    Mdina seems like something out of Star Wars or something

    They have lots of cool doors in Mdina

    Nice view of the valley from Mdina (I have a panorama as well)

    Yet another cat photo

    Forgot the name of this church in Mdina…

    … but here’s the view inside it

    Cool ceilings

    Okay, now it’s time to sail out of the harbor

    We have to get through that hole in the distance

    Here’s a fort that we passed on the way out

    Amazingly enough our 900+ foot ship fit through the harbor opening

    And we’re out!


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    • Jerry Morrocco

      Awesome pictures Jeff! Posting these pictures on your VA is a great idea. I am absolutely jealous, I love mid-evil cities. You need to post some pictures with you in them.
      Jerry Morrocco
      Michigan, USA

    • i was born in Malta and you do it justice with your photos well done
      Malta as you know is full of history.Hope you had a good time.
      I live in Australia now.

    • I’ve been to amazing Malta about 20 times since emigrating to Australia. Next time I won’t bother taking photos I’ll just enjoy yours. They’re excellent!!! Well done.