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  • Europe Trip Day 12: Sicily

    Posted on July 19th, 2006 Jeff Keller 9 comments

    Today is the last day of our cruise… sigh. No more stuffing myself with
    food several times a day!

    We stopped for about half a day in Messina, Sicily,
    and from there we took a tour to the beautiful city of Taormina. We had a
    lot of free time which allowed for yours truly to have a limon granite, which
    is a slushy lemon-flavored drink.

    We dock back in Civitavecchia bright and early Thursday morning, and then
    it’s off to the airport for a VERY long wait in the terminal for my flight
    to Budapest. I’ll be in Hungary until the 26th, touring around the countryside
    with a side trip to Vienna. I’ll keep posting pictures until the end of the

    More pics below!

    Looking at Mt. Etna from Taormina. It’s hard to see here, but there is smoke
    coming out of the top of the mountain.

    Here we are in Taormina, Sicily

    Inside the Greek Theater in Taormina (view
    larger image

    I’ve seen lots of nice doors on my trip

    The narrowest street in Sicily

    View of Messina from the ship

    Sailing away

    A seaside village in Italy

    This is Stromboli Island, which has a very active volcano on it. Despite that
    we stopped two different villages on the island.


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    • Best yet! Sicily looks absolutely beautiful!

    • So while in Sicily you surely met the “Guy with the thing” who probably made you “an offer you couldn’t refuse”… hehehe.
      Just a little mobster humor.

    • Pix look great! I suppose it’s posted elsewhere, but what camera are you using?
      Distant scenes of countryside look hazy … is that local condition or issue w/ camera?

    • I’m using the Canon EOS-20D and 17-85 mm lens. Things were pretty hazy there, yes.

    • Oh, if you plan on spending time in Budapest itself, be prepared for the constant traffic jam which is literally paralizing the city these days. Walk is what works (guess you are quite used to 98 F coming from CA).

    • Hello! I hope you will enjoy my home town Vienna. When and how long will you stay there? Have a nice trip! Wolfgang

    • Be informed that in Budapest the subway line M2 – the “red” line on maps – is partially closed until mid-August. Between Astoria and Déli stations, there are replacement busses serving the public instead of the underground.
      We are currently at the peak of a heat wave, so be prepared for high temperatures. Once here, enjoy your stay! Budapest is a safe city, with violent crime being rare BUT watch your belongings, esp your photo gear, as theft is just as common as in any other big city around the world. And if you feel like hailing a taxi, don’t jump into the nearest one – call a reliable company from your cell phone instead.
      Reliable companies include:
      City Taxi +36 1 2111111
      Tele5 Taxi +36 1 5555555
      6×6 Taxi +36 1 6666666
      Taxi 2000 +36 1 2000000
      Budataxi +36 1 2333333
      Have a nice time here Jeff!

    • Hey Jeff, just saw your comment in the news on Pana FZ50 on being in Budapest, welcome and have a nice time here! Hope you’ll handle the heat wave well, check out baths Szechenyi or Gellert! :)))

    • HAHA, hes right, do NOT hail a cab because you will get ripped off, especially at train stations or the airport. I’m going home for about a month in a few days so I’ll post a few pix with my lumix dmc-tz1.