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  • Europe Trip Day 15: Pannonhalma, Veszprem, and Lake Balaton

    Posted on July 23rd, 2006 Jeff Keller 1 comment

    Yesterday we took a very long road trip to several spots in western Hungary.
    First up was the Pannonhalma Monestary, which is on top of a hill with a great
    view. After that we went to the quaint village of Veszprem. Next we drove to
    Lake Balaton, which was a very popular destination on this hot day.
    We checked out the village of Tihany and then took a swim in the 80 degree
    waters of the Lake. After a long day of sweating, it felt great.

    Pannonhalma Monestary


    Inside the basilica

    Nice view

    The library

    Now we’re in Veszprem

    Nice view from here too

    This is Lake Balaton, as seen from Tihany

    Approaching sunset

    Paprika is Hungarian favorite


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    • You like lake Balaton and VesprĂ©m? You were also in Tihany where you can see the small lake on the peninsula? Beautiful eh? Have a nice time and viszontlátasra!