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  • Europe Trip Day 16: Eger

    Posted on July 23rd, 2006 Jeff Keller 7 comments

    Today Tibor and I went to the village of Eger, which is about an hour away
    from Budapest. There’s lots of nice Baroque architcture plus an old castle
    to check out. The castle is famous for keeping the Turks away for many years,
    though they got inside eventually. Pictures after the link!

    One of several nice churches in Eger

    Close-up of the statue outside

    Inside is pretty nice

    I thought this was pretty funny

    Another church (I think)

    There’s an old mineret that was built during the Turkish occupation (the mosque
    is gone)

    The old castle

    Nice views

    This is the guy that kept the Turks out of the castle for so long

    Another church

    Inside was amazing

    This isn’t snow, it’s salt from a hot spring near Eger


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    • It’s sad that I was born and raised in Europe and haven’t seen the things you have in just 16 days so far.
      What kind of a trip is this? I mean, can you provide some info on the Travel Agency? Now that I live in L.A. I’d love to get away from the traffic and see something this beautiful.

    • Well, the cruise was booked through a travel agency. Anybody can do that. Here in Hungary I’m staying with friends, who are also my tour guides.

    • In America we read all the time about the large numbers of muslems in Europe and ask you if thoses you run across are friendly to you.

    • Please visit UKRAINE!)
      Lviv, Odessa, Kiev, Chernigiv – are beautiful!!!

    • Hi, Jeff, Last year I visited San Francisco, a very beautiful city in my eyes. I saw some points you always use in your cameratests, also beautiful. Friday we are going to Hungary, yea I know, it is a really beautiful country. Have a lot of fun!!

    • Hello Jeff,
      Unfortunatly you are saying under the mosque picture that was about ‘Turkish Occupation’ Years.. Hmm maybe nobody tells you Turkish Ottamans was an empire that lasted more than 600 years. So this is even more than the USA current history.
      Summary my friend this is not an occupation. This is about a history about the other side of this well-done west side printed history.
      🙂 I hope this will be considered a positive walue–added information

    • Here in Hungary rumour had it that Turkish ppl think of us as brother-nations since these two lived together for 160years. Still, they way the empire “visited” us wasn’t quite friendly at first.
      Obviously Hungarians yealded much from this co-exsistence (beautiful buildings, language, alphabet). Today these years (1526-1686) are mentioned as “Turkish-times” not occupation.
      Yet another oppinion, not willing to change the history 🙂
      And I also hope that Jeff enjoyed it here as he seemed to.