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  • Europe Trip Day 17: Vienna

    Posted on July 24th, 2006 Jeff Keller 9 comments

    Today Tibor and I took a 2.5 hour drive to Vienna, Austria. It was well worth
    the trip. Vienna is a very beautiful city and (once again) a photographer’s
    delight. We saw most of the major sites inside the Ringstrasse, and after that
    we went over to Schönbrunn (the summer home of the Habsburg’s).

    The shocker
    of the day was when we stopped in Starbucks (yes, they have them in Vienna)
    for a drink. A grande iced mocha, which normally costs $3.30 at home, cost €4.80
    here — that’s six dollars!

    I forgot to mention yesterday’s surprise: if you
    think gas prices are bad in the US then you haven’t seen anything. A tank
    of gas here in Hungary cost us $100!

    Anyhow, pictures are after the link. Since you aren’t allowed to take photos
    inside Schönbrunn, I only have exterior shots of that.

    Votivkirche, complete with scaffolding and an advertisement

    I love doors, in case you haven’t noticed

    I don’t recall the name of this church

    This one I do know — Stephansdom. Not the greatest time of day for this photo.

    The inside of Stephansdom was just incredible

    The view from the top was impressive as well

    Back on the ground now — this is the opera

    Can’t remember the name for this, but it was some kind of conservatory for

    On the other side is the Schmetterling Haus – butterfly house.

    Lots of great sculptures can be found here

    This is the Hofburg palace

    Good stuff!

    Can’t remember what this is

    A tribute to my Stanford hallway photos

    Parliament building

    Parliament with the Rathaus (City Hall) in the background

    There’s a film festival at the Rathaus

    A theater

    Okay, now let’s move over to Schönbrunn, which is outside the city center

    Not the best light for this frontal shot of the palace

    The lighting was better in the "backyard"

    I have to get myself one of these

    … and I most certainly need to hire their landscape architect

    That’s all for Vienna!


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    • Hi Jeff,
      you have shot beautiful pictures of Europe.
      But if you will come to Germany you will realise that the gas prices in Germany are very expencieve.You pay a lot of more Euros than in Hungary.
      Have a lot of fun and funny weather in the next time.

    • You should come to Norway… 1 liter petrol costs just over 2 dollars. A 0,5 liter of beer at a decent restaurant/bar costs about 10 dollars. A meal at a decent restaurant (just maincourse/no drinks) seldom costs less than 35 dollars…
      The pics should be fine though 🙂

    • Hi,
      Check out the opera in Budapest too. If possible inside the building as well.
      The Central Market Hall (Vásárcsarnok) is worth to see, also you can have all the souvenirs.
      Your last week is a great ad for Hungary. Thanks to Tibor. 🙂

    • Hi Jeff,
      These are nice and very interesting shots. Thanks for sharing them with us.
      But you should also visit Istanbul, one (IMHO) of the the most beautiful cities on earth. Cheap prices there, too.
      Wish you a nice stay, whereever you are; Europe entirely is beautiful.
      PS: waiting for a review on the Pentax K100D, when you’re back. 😉

    • Hi Jeff!
      Very nice shots!
      You should also compare the digital camera prices in Europe and USA.

    • Your shot of the detail of the Stephansdom’s roof is outstanding. I also like the “view from the top” a lot!
      Vienna is a place where one immediately feels at home. We too went for a daytrip on Saturday. Checked out the Hundertwasserhaus, took a stroll in the inner city, then headed to the Grinzing to sample some very decent white wine in an authentic Heuriger. It was a very nice day.
      But Jeff, I just can’t conceive you went to Starbucks in this capital of European café culture! 😉

    • Arthur Jacobsen

      Thank you for letting us see your wonderful pictures.

    • Enjoyed looking over your photos. Day 17, the sixth one is Peterskirche, a few feet off Graben Strasse in Peterplatz.
      I remember it well, I stayed at the Hotel Wandl directly behind it.

    • The other part of the butterfly house is the palm house (Palmen Haus). It was once used as a conservatory. It belongs to the “Hofburg”
      Hey, when you’re in Vienna again you should also check out the Palmhouse at Schönbrunn!^^
      oh, and besides. Want some real café culture? Forget Starbucks and do to the Café Central (where Freud already enjoyed his coffee) or the “Hawelka” (which is more than rustique)