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  • Europe Trip Day 18: More Budapest + Szentendre

    Posted on July 25th, 2006 Jeff Keller 9 comments

    Today was my last full day in Budapest, and it wasn’t as busy as previous
    days. Today we went to the not-so-exciting House of Terror, which is about
    the Nazi and Russian occupation of Hungary. It’s in the old building for the
    secret police, and ironically they were watching me when I took a photo inside,
    and they wouldn’t leave until I deleted it.

    After that we went back to the Synagogue which we visited on the first day,
    and this time we took a tour. It was pretty amazing. Our English-speaking tour
    guide’s father is somewhat famous, as he saved 200 Hungarian Jews from certain
    death during the Holocaust. The Nazis killed 400,000 Hungarian Jews during

    The final stop for the day was Szentendre, another cute town north of the
    city. It was nice, but not as nice as some of the other villages I’ve seen

    After the link you’ll find the last bunch of photos for my Europe trip!

    Back at the Synagogue that I first visited on Day 14

    Another Stanford hallway photo tribute

    Inside is amazing. This is the second largest Synagogue in the world

    This is a memorial for the Hungarian Jews that were killed in the Holocaust

    The opera house

    Now onto Szentendre

    All of my pictures seem to be vertical today

    Lots of churches here

    Another one for my coffee table book about doors

    Typical street

    Hope you enjoyed viewing my Europe photos as much as I enjoyed
    taking them!


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    • We have really enjoyed your photos.
      We, too, like windows, doors and balconies and there seems to be lots of scope for them on the Continent!
      Thanks again. We enjoy your web site, along with Lonestar digital and dpreview.
      Jack and Joan Milner UK

    • Dude!
      Great photos, thanks for the chronicle. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures. Now I don’t feel as bad about showing you all of mine from Christmas 🙂

    • hi!
      a friend of mine just told me what he read about that incident in the house of terror… as a hungarian i’d like to apologize for their behaviour:) i think it’s a shame how foreigners are often treated here… and especially at a museum?! ridiculous… so please don’t have hard feelings about our country and about our people, most hungarians aren’t this rude and impolite to others. though i hope you found that out yourself too;) anyway, i just wanted to say that i was very sorry to hear what happened to you at the museum, hope nothing like this will happen next time you’re coming here:) and of course i like your pictures, though this doesn’t mean very much ’cause i don’t know a thing about photography, so i like most pictures i see:D
      so bye!
      András Deák, Budapest:)

    • Hi, I enjoyed very much viewing your photos, I live in Rome and my parents are from Budapest. I’m going to go to Budapest for my summer holiday with friends and for this reason I bought a new Fuji Finepix F30, after reading your review on!
      Thanks for the chronicle of your european tour, for me it’s very interesting.
      Andrea, Rome.

    • I very much did enjoy all of your pictures. They all really make me want to go to Europe. Great job!

    • I enjoyed all your photo’s
      and with the heatwave here (london) it’s as good as a holiday, Glad you put a cat shot! I also enjoy your erviews regards Jack

    • Funny, the same thing happened to me in the House of Terror. I took a picture of the Tank in the entrance, and a guy told me, looking quite angry, “delete photo tank”. I asked “why?”, and the answer was “delete photo tank”. Well, I dropped it and “deleted photo tank”, too. But I didn’t find him (or other hungarians in shops, for instance) to be very tourist friendly.

    • I myself was never interested in the House of Terror (never wanted to visit it) but i think i’ll go and see what’s so precious that can’t be photographed. 😀
      Still, i have to say that the majority of the guests are welcomed here. There were scandals about hilariously high reataurant bills, but apart from these (prosecuted) occasions this is a friendly place to visit.. But of course no place is perfest.

    • Ok. I moved to a smaller apartment in the middle of your trip and today was the first day I had to sit down and catch up.
      WOW. I am in awe of the architecture and history that you had a chance to experience. My favorite things. Thanks for sharing these great pics. Maybe one day I’ll get to see some of this too.