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  • Great moments in Montclair history

    Posted on August 17th, 2006 Jeff Keller No comments

    Today — totally by accident — I discovered some interesting history about the area in which I now live. Back in the late 1920’s there was a railroad (the Sacramento Northern) that had service between SF/Oakland and Sacramento. According to the article I linked to up there, the train tracks went through Shepherd Canyon, within a block of my house, before going into a tunnel that ended up on the other side of the Berkeley Hills. The right-of-way is the bike/pedestrian path that I’ve walked on before.
    Needless to say, today I went looking for the tunnel (it was closed in 1957), but I couldn’t find a thing. I’m guessing that it’s since been covered up or built over. I think I know where the track popped out on the other side of the hill, but again, there’s no evidence left. Nonetheless, it was pretty interesting to learn about this… I certainly had no idea.

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