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  • The Presidio with primes

    Posted on August 28th, 2006 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    Yesterday I grabbed my (loaned) Nikon D80 and Pentax K100D and two lenses — a Nikkor F1.8 50mm for the D80, and a Pentax F3.2 21mm for the K100D — and headed to the Presidio. I walked for miles, starting near the new Letterman complex (which is a must-see), heading through the Main Post and ending up at the Warming Hut. I then turned around, walked all the way past East Beach, then through the Marina district to my favorite sandwich place in that area. After grabbing some lunch I hiked it back to where I started and enjoyed my lunch.

    Click the link for some pics from my walk!

    You’ll probably be able to figure out which camera/lens combo I used for each photo. The Pentax will be the wide shot, while the Nikon will be more telephoto.

    If you live in the Bay Area then you must see what they did with this area!

    Park headquarters

    Into the National Cemetary I go

    Converted to black & white in Photoshop


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