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  • Photos from Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

    Posted on October 14th, 2006 Jeff Keller 29 comments

    I just got back from a little mini-vacation at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. While these two parks (which are attached) are about 200 miles away as the crow flies, it takes forever to get there, since the roads are really windy. Once there you’ll end up at a place that reminds you of Yosemite, but more spread out, and with less people. I wouldn’t recommend going in the off-season, as there are almost zero services open — we ate at the same place for almost every meal, and finding gasoline is even more difficult.

    I’ve got a ton of photos after the link, all taken with the Fuji FinePix S6000fd. Enjoy!

    The big attraction in Sequoia Nat’l Park is the enormous Giant Sequoia trees, which are the largest living things on earth.

    Look at the size of these things!

    Not all of the trees in the park are still standing

    Looking toward Kings Canyon. That’s Hume Lake in the middle, which you’ll see again below. And yes, there’s still some snow on the highest peaks.

    We saw quite a few of these guys

    They’re checking out another deer that just walked into the parking lot

    Now we’re down at Hume Lake, which is a big compound run by a Christian organization. There’s also a gas station that’s open year-round, which we needed desperately.

    On the road to Kings Canyon

    No big trees here

    Kings Canyon in B&W

    From a lower angle

    This tree reminds me of a cactus for some reason

    Now we’re at Moro Rock (in Sequoia), which is like a mini version of Half Dome. The hike up is grueling.

    Some crazy climbers going up the side of the rock

    Finally, the top. Lots of signs warning you about lightning dangers, as you might expect

    The view from the top is impressive

    Looking west toward the Central Valley, in B&W

    My car travels under the Tunnel Log

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the largest tree in the world. It’s not the tallest or widest, but in terms of volume, it’s the biggest. General Sherman Tree is 36 feet wide at the base, and 275 feet tall.

    Okay, now we’re at Crystal Cave in Sequoia. Just getting down to the entrance was quite a hike. And check out the fancy gate!

    Inside the cave… do note that I did some noise reduction on all of these photos

    Waterfall outside the cave

    Fall colors in Crescent Meadow

    More changing leaves near the Crystal Cave

    Hope you enjoyed these photos!


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    • Jeff,
      I vivited both parks many years ago and didn’t get to see as much as you’ve photographed. Thanks for the great photos.

    • The “Kings Canyon in B&W” is wonderful with the many contrasting layers – really quite nice. In general a nice introduction to a few parks in CA I’ve yet to visit – thanks.

    • I agree, the Kings Canyon in B&W is outstanding. Looks like a nice trip.

    • Indeed very nice fotos. I think you succeeded quite well in capturing the atmosphere of the park.

    • would you agree that the S6000 is all 99.5% of people would need as a camera 99.5% of the time?

    • I loved the State Park photos, thanks! Nice review and the Fuji S-6000 looks to be an impressive camera.

    • Jeff,
      I enjoyed the photos. You really captured the essence of the places. I have decided to buy an S6000FD. Thank you for all your hard work, (fun) reviewing so many cameras. It is really helpful and appreciated.

    • Just curious; the cave shots and the nighttime city-scape view from the review were taken with or without tripod? (I’m buying either the S3 or the 6000fd, conserned about low light, hand held photography)

    • Cave shots were handheld. The tests in the reviews are always taken with a tripod.

    • Awesome photos. They are truly breathtaking. You also have a great way of reviewing the camera you used for these shots. I’m gonna buy a S6000FD after seeing these photos! Thanks very much for your efforts.

    • For that person (Jesse, February 11, 2007) who is considering buying the Canon Powershot S3-IS digital camera. I owned the Powershot S3-IS, and took thousands of photos with it for 6 months, until it stopped working. The Powershot S3-IS gives grainy, noisy photos during low light situations, which I now consider as unacceptable. It also had a little difficulty focusing when going to the 12X optical zoom range. When observing the 12X zoomed photos on the computer, sometimes they were not sharp. You will not notice this when observed the photo from its 2″ LCD. Other than these problems, the Powershot S3-IS seemed to be an excellent camera during lighted situations.

    • By the photos pictured here, it seems that the FujiFilm FinePix S6000fd digital camera, has no need for image stablization; these photos are excellent!

    • IQ -wise, every bit as good as the 9MP S9600..
      anyone agree?

    • Did you use the tripod for the vertically oriented shots? If it swings to 90degrees easily, can I ask what brand it is? Will the 600 accept filters? And do you think a polarizer would have cleaned up some of the haze in some of the pics?

    • Rog Patterson

      “I did some noise reduction in all of these (cave) photos”…while you were shooting or was it done afterwards while you were processing?
      These shots sure help me decide to go ahead with buying a Fuji S6000fd for myself, as did your review.

    • Hi, thank for showing.
      I have the older Fuji S602Z & it’s great outside with lots of light but pretty useless inside. It doesn’t focus. I’ve looked at the Fuji S9100 reviews & it seems to have a similar problem with esp. with fast shutter speeds. I notice with your pics that most of them are with non moving subjects. I’d be very interested to hear if you’ve use the S600fd inside for party shots or basketball or conferences where a passing moment needs to be captured.
      Otherwise I like the sound of these sharp pics.

    • Beautiful pictures! The B&W’s are artistic and creative! Thanks for sharing. I am considering the Fuji S6000fd. Now it gets more encouraging.

    • Jim Wilkinson

      Similar question to Michael’s of 050207–And do you think a polarizer would have cleaned up some of the haze in some of the pics?–or a UV filter?
      I just purchased this camera. Live in the Blue Ridge VA, reared in the Great Smokies NC which I return to often–talk about haze! Thanks for your review, it overcame my inclination for IS–bought a tripod.
      Will be looking at the noise issue.

    • Nice shots in deed.
      I have a F6500fd too. I was satisfied with it during my trip to Germany last month. I’d like to share my fotos toos on this forum. It’d be great if it’s possible and pls show me how.

    • Nancy J Britten

      August 17,2007
      I think those pictures are fantastic! It brings back so many memories to me. I spent years in Sequoia and even worked there for a couple of summers…Just let me say thanks! They are beautiful.I miss it sometimes here in Pennslyvania….Nancy

    • Thanks for the great photos – I’d almost forgotten how beautiful America is. Hope to come back someday.
      Next time I’ll be using my S6500FD instead of my S5500 😉

    • Well…
      After spending what may have been twelve or more hours pouring over reviews online from pro’s and amatuers (I’m the latter), I have decided to purchase the Fuji as well. The only thing I may miss is the flip screen design of the Canon, but the wide angle lens (without purchasing attachments), low light response, and picture quality in general just makes the Fuji the best choice for me. Also, with the fact I do more close up work than telephoto the lack of an IS doesnt concern me and it seems the Fuji is so good it may not be necessary in most situations anyway.
      Also, when you look at every other night shot (across the San Francisco harbor), NONE even holds a candle to the picture the Fuji 6000 took. In most of the pictures you cant even recognize that there is water in front of the panaramic view….just a murky gray floor you assume is obviously water. In the Fuji shot you see every ripple and the moonlight glimmering over all of them. Its incredible as is the difference compared to all the other photos. I have to thank the editor of this sight for all his time invested because with the abundance of information (and opinions) out there on the net, this site had the most consistant and logical approach to the reviews with the same scenes available for comparison….does it get any better?? Gotta love the Internet and the information age in general.
      Thanks again for the time invested in this site and all your hard work. I cant wait to get the new camera (ordered it tonight) and I may stop back and report how I like it after I finally receive it and have time to play a bit.
      Good luck to the others who may be still on the fence….the journey and investigative work is half the fun!
      Tony Mamo

    • As the S6500fd is very similar to the S9600,
      is there ANY advantage in having the extra MP’s, or can a definite improvement in IQ be detected?(in the S9600)
      Does anyone have experience with both?
      The price difference is not significant if I knew one was a better camera than the other.
      I had thought the S9600 was an excellent travel companion, but with the newer S6500, I suspect that the IQ overall might be better.
      Thanking you in advance…

    • hey the pics are great really hope that once my report is done i get a chance to visit kings canyon!!!!

    • Jon from the UK

      After using the 5500 for a few years with excellent results I’ve purchased a 6500. Was going for the 9600 but wasn’t to keen on the hotshoe having arthritus particularly in my hands.
      The quality of the 5500 is so good I photograph for the local football team and local fishing team. Numerous pics appeared in the local paper and they looked so professional. Just hope the 6500 is as good and lives up to my expectations.
      Thanks for an exceptional review. Rock on Fuji.

    • Very nice pictures, this is a special place for me and my family. The whole place comes to life with this vivid pictures.Many memories to cherish!

    • Hi Jeff. Great shots. Bought s6500 18 months ago mainly on strength of your review and have not been disappointed. For the money the IQ is fantastic, especially in RAW. IS would have been nice but you can’t have everything. Keep up the good work

    • thanks for sharing all the great pics. I’ll be forwarding my sister from NY your site. We are planning a trip and your pics are worth 1000 words. thanks again. dan from Fresno.

    • Mathew Brownfield

      The photos were good…for front country..I’ve got some really good ones from the Backcountry in which I worked an entire season working on the Johm Muir and Pacific Crest Trail.