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  • July 4th, 2007: Part I (The Journey)

    Posted on July 7th, 2007 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    Boy am I late to the game with my July 4th photos! Since I took quite a few shots, I divided them into two entries. This one contains photos that I took before and after the show. I took the Oakland-Alameda ferry to SF, which was a fun and scenic ride.

    Pics after the break were taken with the Olympus E-510.

    Oakland to Pier 41

    The ferry took us right past the Port of Oakland, with great views of enormous cargo ships being loaded and unloaded

    The cranes are huge…

    The "old" cantilever section of the Bay Bridge, with the new bridge under construction in the background

    First time I’ve ever sailed under the Bay Bridge

    Looking toward the Financial District

    The fireworks barges are moved past what I think is the USS Mobile Bay, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser

    As you’d expect, there plenty of security on display

    Looking toward the Hyde Street Pier at dusk

    One of my favorite places to get dessert

    The Trip Home…

    All of these are handheld, ISO 1600 shots that I’ve run through NeatImage

    Leaving the city behind

    And back under the bridge…

    Click here for part 2 — the fireworks themselves


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    • hey Jeff, the after dark pictures are really fantastic… love “Leaving the City Behind”. It’s been ages since I stopped using NeatImage… looks like it works pretty well nowadays (it used to destroy too much detail, IMHO, in the past).
      Thanks for the pictures, they bring back really nice memories from my recent past…

    • I’m totally amazed that you got clear pictures of the city at night, while standing on a moving boat!! Impressive…

    • The miracles of image stabilization, high sensitivity, and noise reduction software 🙂