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  • UK 2007: Windsor

    Posted on September 30th, 2007 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    Yesterday, my friend Phil (of dpreview fame) and I made a quick stop in Windsor.
    It would’ve been a longer stop had the castle actually been open. Anyhow, here
    are some pics from around "town".

    Windsor Castle

    Unfortunately, they stop letting people in at 3pm

    I like alleyways almost as much as I like…

    … doors!

    The crooked house in all Windsor!

    The swans aren’t all gathered like this for fun… people are feeding them

    The weather was going downhill rapidly (note the dark clouds), so we took
    off after that photo!


    2 responses to “UK 2007: Windsor” RSS icon

    • I was thinking to myself, “what great weather he has.” Then came your last photo.
      In Lake Havasu, AZ, famous for the London Bridge, there is a small retail complex, where everything faces narrow walks. And all of the buildings are out of square, leaning, and crooked. Now I know why, keeping with the London theme.

    • You went to Windsor and didn’t go into the old railway station? Tut tut…