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  • UK 2007: English Countryside

    Posted on October 1st, 2007 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    After my walk around Regents Park, I took the train out to Guildford to meet
    my friend Simon, who also works for dpreview. We met up with his wife Claire
    and young son Felix and went to the local pub. There I had a traditional English
    lunch — meat, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding (which, incidentally, isn’t
    really pudding). After that we hopped into the
    car and toured around the beautiful Surrey and Sussex countryside, stopping
    in some very old

    Here we are in Shere, a very old and quaint village in Surrey

    Yes, more doors

    Doors, doors, doors

    I’ll take it!

    Old old old church

    And here’s the proof

    Lovely stained glass

    Now we’re in Petworth, another old village, complete with cobblestone streets

    Yet another door

    One last church…


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    • Hi,
      I live in Sussex and visit the website most days to see what’s new. Good pics of your trip, always interesting to see how you Americans perceive our country…!! If you ever want to come again I can show or point you at plenty of old stuff around here in East Sussex. Also try Shropshire for dramamtic and remote scenery, and the North of England for borderland and stunning farmscapes. Fianlly the north west of Scotland for awesome remote sub arctic valleys, mountains and bogs.
      Hope I haven’t bored you too much,
      Andrew Baker, Crowborough (30 miles from Petwoth), England.

    • North Wales even better, lots of the wet stuff and fantastic mouintains. You should visit the UK (the Motherland) as often as I visit your site (thats a lot). Nice pix, typically English, but you’d really better get out in the wilds. Now that’s what cameras are for.