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  • UK 2007: Edinburgh (Part two)

    Posted on October 4th, 2007 Jeff Keller No comments

    On my second day in Edinburgh I first went to the castle which makes the city
    famous. After that there was plenty of walking around town, which hopefully
    burned off some of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars that I’d been eating all week.

    Part two of my Edinburgh photos after the link.

    Here’s the gate to Edinburgh Castle

    One of the inner gates, complete with portcullis

    Plenty of cannons protected the castle

    Lots to see here, from the Walter Scott memorial (left) to the Balmoral Hotel
    (center) to the Lord Nelson memorial in the way back

    This is the 1 O’Clock gun,which is still fired every day at 1pm (though I wasn’t
    around to hear it)

    This gun was particularly large, with a range of two miles

    Awesome stained glass inside the chapel

    Artsy shot for the day

    One of the many buildings inside the castle

    Now I’m out of the castle, looking down the Royal Mile. The Camera Obscura (which
    appeared to be an expensive tourist trap) is on the left. The Church-turned-cafe
    (I think) is on the right.

    Edinburgh has many curving streets, like this one (Victoria St.)

    The whole castle complex as seen from the roof of the Scottish History Museum.
    Thanks to the random old Scottish guy on the street for the tip on this one.

    Old church and cemetary

    Inside the church

    Nice windows

    Lots of impressive stained glass in this town

    I *think* this is inside of St. Giles cathedral, but don’t quote me on that

    That’s it for part two… I’ve got more door and church photos on Edinburgh
    page three!

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