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  • I’m an uncle!

    Posted on January 21st, 2008 Jeff Keller 6 comments

    At 10:16 tonight my sister gave birth to Savannah Davis Montenegro, and I became an uncle! Savannah was 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20.5 inches long, and apparently she has quite a head of hair. Mother and baby are both doing great.
    I’m headed down there tomorrow to see her first hand, and I’ll post some better quality pics. Exciting times in our family right now…
    Thursday update: Added a few pics after the link
    Monday update: Added a few more pics

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  • High quality IKEA lamps

    Posted on January 16th, 2008 Jeff Keller 1 comment

    Had a minor disaster tonight, caused by a crappy Swedish-designed, made-in-who-knows-where lamp. This particular lamp has never really stood up straight, but it never seemed unstable. The other day I noticed that it was really leaning, so I tried to tighten everything up, but it seemed like most of the threads were stripped. Tonight, I bumped into the base of the lamp with my vacuum, and down it all came. Bounced off my knee, hit the bookshelf and shattered. Also got a nice cut on the hand from the glass, too.
    Note to self: don’t buy lamps at IKEA again.

  • A REAL Guitar Hero

    Posted on January 11th, 2008 Jeff Keller No comments
    Video not available

    If you’ve played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, then you’ll appreciate how incredible this guy does playing “Green Grass and High Tides”. This song kicked my butt on the drums, and that was on the easy level! Watch the video to see this guy scream through this ten minute song!

  • Home to a mess

    Posted on January 8th, 2008 Jeff Keller No comments

    As you may have heard, the weather was terrible in the Bay Area while I was on vacation. Just up the hill from me there was a big landslide that has put several houses in jeopardy. I arrived home on Sunday to find a huge mess in the front yard (the house was fine, thankfully). Here’s what happened (and is still happening), in pictures:
    Just to the left of the front stairs, a seasonal creek turns into a waterfall, which pours into a storm drain owned by the city. The drain clogged, the basin filled with water, and then everything poured over my retaining wall and down the driveway. The neighbor said he’s never seen it this bad before.

    Here’s the view from above. You can see the trail of rocks, branches, and dirt going down the driveway. See the bucket near the stairs? There used to be a plant in there… when I got home, it was full of water, rocks, and nothing else.

    Here’s the root cause of the problem: there’s supposed to be a storm drain here… instead it’s just mud and rocks.

    Both myself and my neighbor have called the Public Works department, who have promised to send a crew out to clear out the drain. Nobody has shown up. My neighbor spend most of Saturday trying to dig out all the crap, but he didn’t succeed. Today, I tried to dig it out, and my biggest accomplishment was getting my clothes wet. There’s a good foot of mud on top of the drain, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere. The rain is supposed to stop, so it’s not going to get any worse, but this thing needs to be cleaned out. I’m hoping the city will actually do their part — it is their drain, after all.

  • Kauai 2008: Day 5

    Posted on January 6th, 2008 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    Thumbnail image for IMG_0815.jpg
    Yesterday was our last full day in Kauai. Naturally, I had to have one more Mai Tai!
    In a few hours, I’ll be on a plane back to SFO — I hope the flight is smoother than the one over. I’ve got a few last pictures after the link… hope you enjoyed all the photos!

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  • Kauai 2008: Reality Check

    Posted on January 5th, 2008 Jeff Keller No comments

    Here’s something I hope I don’t have to see again in my lifetime. We were walking down the beach, near Poipu Beach Park. A big memorial for some in the local canoe club was about to start, so we were watching that. We were just leaving when I heard screams coming from the beachfront. I walked over (along with many other people) and saw lifeguards dragging an old man out of the water. Apparently he had been floating for a while, and he washed up on shore. We watched as the lifeguards and later the paramedics tried to revive him… I don’t think they succeeded, but I’m not 100% sure, as they took him into the ambulance eventually. It seemed like he was out swimming by himself… who knows where his family was (he had a wedding band on) — they’re in for a horrible shock when they find out what happened.
    I’m not sure why I stayed and watched the whole thing… maybe I was hoping that he’d start breathing and be okay. Unfortunately, I don’t think that ever happened.
    Update: Apparently the man survived, at least as of press time of the local paper. What a relief! He was from the Bay Area, too — Santa Rosa to be exact.
    Update 2: Apparently the man died in the hospital… that’s too bad.

  • Kauai 2008: Day 4

    Posted on January 5th, 2008 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    Yesterday we did two things: visit Waimea Canyon, and snorkel near the Beach House restaurant in Poipu. The highlight of the evening was dinner at Roy’s, which is always excellent. The lowlight of the evening was my left ear — it’s totally plugged up!!
    Pics after the link!

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  • Kauai 2008: Day 3

    Posted on January 4th, 2008 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    Yesterday’s activity was a catamaran ride to the Napali coast. Unfortunately, the seas were too rough to go all the way over there, so we turned around midway through the trip. The ride was exhilarating — I was on the front of the boat and it was an E-ticket experience for sure. I was SOAKING wet most of the time.
    Check out some great pics after the link!

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