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  • Alaska 2008: Day 4 (Juneau)

    Posted on June 12th, 2008 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    On day 4 of our cruise, we stopped in Juneau. My folks went off on a whale
    watching / glacier trip early in the morning, and my excursion wasn’t until
    the afternoon, so I was on my own for a change. I took a tram to the top of
    Mt. Roberts, walked around the town, ate lunch, and then it was time for my
    "Photo Safari". We took a special boat designed for photographers out into
    the inlets surrounding Juneau. After that, we had a land portion near the Mendenhall

    Needless to say, lots of photos were taken — and you can see my favorites
    after the link.

    Morning view from our balcony

    My first activity was taking this tram to the top of Mt. Roberts

    It’s a pretty expensive trip up the mountain. The view is nice,
    but I’m not sure if it’s $25 nice.

    A more zoomed-out view of Juneau

    There was so much snow at the top that you couldn’t hike very far

    Cool stuff growing on this tree

    Back at sea level, I walked past the Westerdam, which is larger than our ship,
    and similar to the Noordam that I sailed on two years ago

    Here’s our ship

    Downtown Juneau

    Definitely an old city

    An old Russian Orthodox church

    The State Capitol building is sort of underwhelming

    I like the statue though

    Now, onto the Photo Safari by Land and Sea!

    We saw quite a few humpback whales, but no orcas

    The tail on this one looks pretty beat up


    There’s lots of action at this buoy

    Getting up onto the buoy isn’t particularly easy

    My thoughts exactly

    A sea otter, a fairly uncommon sighting in these waters

    A good lookout spot

    The Alaska Marine Highway

    A salmon stream near Mendenhall Glacier

    Lupine, I think

    More cool stuff growing on a tree

    Mendenhall Glacier

    Love the blue ice

    A panoramic view of the glacier (view larger)

    Next up: Skagway and a trip on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad!


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    • Great pictures till so far!! Alaska is gorgious!! Funny, today I saw the former main office of the Holland/Amerika lijn in Rotterdam….

    • You’re standing in many of the exact spots I stood 8 years ago. I was on the Noordham, which I found boring. Even the food was not as flavorful as I hoped, possibly to avoid upsetting the many elderly stomachs on board. Otters, sea lions, whales, and Northern Lights were cool, though. My friend went on a canoe/raft oriented Alaska trip that sounded more fun. And the moose hunters on the plane with me had a ton of film to develop, along with some cardboard pickup luggage that was leaking blood.