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  • Alaska 2008: Day 5 (Skagway)

    Posted on June 13th, 2008 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    On day 5, we stopped in Skagway. Like Ketchikan, the city itself isn’t very
    exciting. There are some quaint old buildings, though most of them contain
    chain jewelry stores, or tacky t-shirt shops. It kind of felt like Fisherman’s
    Wharf at home.

    The highlights of the day included a trip on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad,
    and our departure from the port. I’ve got pictures of everything after the

    The morning view features soaring mountains and the Norwegian Sun (again)

    Looking up at our ship

    Another view of the Zaandam, with the Norwegian Sun in the background


    Weird old building

    Lots of jewelry places in these ports, few of which are owned by Alaskans

    Now we’re on the train, headed out of town

    Looking back toward Skagway. Our cruise ship is the one in the middle.

    There’s a big wooden trestle bridge that you have to cross

    Amazing views up here

    Crossing the trestle and going into a tunnel

    This steel bridge is no longer used

    And here’s why

    This is at the top of White Pass

    Lots of flags at the border: USA, Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon Territory,
    and Canada

    Amazing mountains all around

    Going downhill

    Another train further up

    Getting closer to sunset at 930pm

    Dusk (at 1045pm)

    Panoramic view (click
    for larger

    And now, for something completely different:

    Cruises always have a "midnight buffet", though they’re usually at 11. On this
    particular night, it was a chocolate/dessert feast.

    Love the Eiffel Tower of chocolate

    One of the bartenders makes a flaming drink

    Next up: Glacier Bay!


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    • Leonard Oglesby

      Great pics!
      I took the same trip in May 2005 on a different HA Ship, The Volendam. I was using a D70 then and I have several hundred shots which could slip into your collection unnoticed.
      We took the White Pass train trip in the morning and then a helicopter up to the Ferrebee Glacier in the afternoon.
      I agree that there seems to be an effort to milk the “cruise tourists” at the dock side shops.
      Here are some of my D70 efforts.

    • Found this info on the “weird building” on Google:
      Skagway’s most famous building, perhaps, is the two-story Arctic Brotherhood Hall. This driftwood-decorated frame building was the home of a fraternal group founded by gold seekers on their way to the Klondike. The building of “Camp Skagway No. 1” was erected in 1899, and the facade was put up the next year.
      I am so enjoying your trip and wonderful photos!