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  • Alaska 2008: Day 9 (Denali National Park)

    Posted on June 17th, 2008 Jeff Keller 4 comments

    Day 9 of my trip was billed as the best day to see Alaska’s wildlife. While
    it wasn’t quite the "zoo" that I was expecting, we still saw Denali’s most
    famous residents: brown bears, caribou, dall sheep, and moose. Our tour lasted
    nearly seven hours, with the excellent driver/guide making the time pass quickly.

    Before that, though, we took a trip to the park’s sled dog kennel. Denali
    still uses sled dogs to patrol the park in the winter, and we got to meet and
    greet most of the dogs. They’re all remarkably friendly, and they seem to love
    what they do. They did a little demo with 5 dogs on a gravel trail, and they
    were really moving fast. It was also funny to see how excited the dogs
    when they were getting the sled ready… lots of barking "choose me!".

    Pictures of everything after the link!

    Let’s start out with the sled dog kennel:

    One of the 30+ sled dogs in the park

    Love this one

    This one too. These Alaskan Huskies have great ice-blue eyes!

    There they go!

    They had to sit in order to get their bones

    This was a little hike my dad and I took around the visitor center:

    Like I’ve said, everything is SO green here

    The rest of these photos are from our Tundra Wilderness Tour inside the park:


    Amazing glacial valleys

    Dall sheep

    A slightly closer look. Check out those horns!


    Caribou butts

    Nice rack

    Amazing scenery here

    Really like this shot

    Panoramic view (click
    for larger

    Here I am, standing in the middle of a glacial valley

    The rocks in the river bed are amazing

    See that muddy brown thing in the center? That’s a grizzly (brown) bear

    Artsy shot of the day

    I was "famous" on the bus for actually getting a picture of these two brown bears

    Mother is on the left, her cub on the right

    That’s all for Denali. I hope you enjoyed the photos!


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    • Everyone should click on that panorama. It’s wonderful!

    • I loved the bear shots. I also loved the caribou butt shot. I got to show my kids that even pros get the butt from animals! We recently went to Disney and all I got of the rhinos on the safari ride was the rear end. I called it my rhino butt shot. Your bears were a real treat. You got very lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

    • That panorama shot begins to show why most photos, as gorgeous and as well shot as yours, simply cannot do full justice to Alaska.

    • Wow! The pictures of the bears are awesome. (He was famous for getting the shot on the bus! We were all jealous. My picture is of the grasses in front…) Loved the scenery pictures also..