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  • Alaska 2008: Day 10 (Train to Anchorage)

    Posted on June 18th, 2008 Jeff Keller 4 comments

    After ten days in Alaska, it was time to head south to prepare for our trip
    home. We rode the Alaska Railroad back to Anchorage, sitting in Holland America’s
    fancy McKinley Explorer cars. The ride was incredibly scenic, but very slow
    (8 hours). After two days in a row sitting in buses for 7+ hours, I wasn’t
    interested in sitting around again, so I spent most of the trip on the platform
    downstairs, watching the scenery go by.

    This is the final installment of my trip photos, as we fly home to SFO today
    (Wednesday). I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did!

    Here comes the train! The Alaska RR cars are in front, followed by Royal Caribbean/Celebrity,
    Holland America, and Princess. It’s a long train!

    Our super-swanky train car

    Every gets a great view in these cars

    View from my seat

    Picture-taking in the platform area was popular

    All the blue cars are Alaska RR

    With all the standing water around, it’s no wonder that Alaska has a mosquito

    Glacier-fed rivers aren’t particularly clear

    I’ve said it before, but everything is so green in Alaska

    Lots of big mountains near Anchorage

    And lakes too

    I took this photo from our hotel in Anchorage at 11pm! You need good curtains

    That’s all from Alaska!


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    • Loved your trip blog, Jeff. Thanks for sharing! I’ve tried to comment several times but for some reason they are not posting. This one will probably get lost, too. lol

    • Well, what do you know? Third time really is the charm. lol
      I wanted to say that I have been looking forward to my first cruise experience in November, and it will be on the Norwegian Sun. I got a kick out of seeing “my” ship following yours around in Alaska. It will be sailing around the coast of South America with me, though. I can hardly wait!
      Also, wanted to give you kudos for volunteering at ARF. I’m a fan of Tony LaRussa on the ballfield, and his animal rescue efforts just add to his good qualities in my mind. Say hello to him for me if you see him in the off-season.

    • I always love your trip photos. I feel like I’ve tagged along.

    • Koop van Setten

      This was a beatiful trip. Great pictures of a great country Alaska!
      Go on with your good reviews, ok I know this is not the place, but I am waiting for the dslr review of the pentax k20d.
      Thanx for all the interesting ones you did already.