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  • Are the glory days over?

    Posted on October 8th, 2008 Jeff Keller 1 comment

    I was flying home from my really nice trip to Maui today when I started putting together a spreadsheet. On one side, I listed my expenses: things like mortgage, property tax, insurance — you know, things that you can’t get away from. I threw a few other things on the list like the gym and therapy — things I could live without (though I’d hate to give up the latter).
    On the other side of the spreadsheet was my consistent income. It’s been dropping over the last two years, and really took a dive this summer, as the economy tanked. Advertising is about as mediocre as it has been over the years (though I did have a nice Casio campaign recently), with the real hurt coming from the huge decline in PriceGrabber clicks.
    I subtracted my expenses from my revenue and was shocked at the result. I have very little money leftover when all is said and done! And, if things continue to worsen (as I expect), I may have a big crisis on my hands.
    I really don’t want to have to dig into my savings — which have dropped by like 40% this year — so I may have to consider other things. Cutting all unnecessary expenses. Monetizing the website is new ways. If that doesn’t work… get a job? Sell the site, or shut it down entirely? I’d hate to give it all up after 11 years of hard work, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll even have a choice.
    Quite a sour note to end the vacation on….


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    • Have you thought about trying to find something that would allow you to supplement your income for now? It doesn’t even have to be a 40 hour white collar job. Just something that would give you a little play money.
      Of course if you FOUND 40 hour job, you could probably get employer paid insurance, and that would also CUT some of your expenses. You don’t have to shut the site down. You just need to find a way to generate a little extra income.
      You could always move to Texas…cheaper housing, no state income tax, less polution, no earth quakes…OK, so we get tornadoes and hurricanes.