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  • An unfortunate change is coming

    Posted on February 5th, 2009 Jeff Keller 6 comments

    For 12 years, the reviews on the DCRP site have been one long page. I like it, and according to a survey I did two years ago, so do most of my readers.
    Unfortunately, times are tough, and things have to change. I recently received two ad proposals that wanted to buy a certain ad size (300 x 250) on my site. Their budget was enormous, but I could only take advantage of maybe 1/6 of it, because I just don’t have enough page views — and thus ad impressions — to deliver.
    Let’s assume that Site A has a review one page long, with a single 300 x 250 ad on it. Site B has their review spread out over eight pages, each of those having a 300 x 250 banner. That means that, in theory at least, they’re getting 8 times as many ad impressions as Site A in their reviews. Thus, you could sell a lot more ad space, and generate more revenue.
    Thus, at some point in the near future, I will start splitting reviews into four pages. The pages will include:

    • Intro and What’s in the Box
    • Look and Feel
    • Tests and Conclusion
    • Photo gallery

    I’m going to need to redesign both the appearance of the reviews and the back end that handles them in order to make this happen. This isn’t a decision I’m making lightly, but after watching tens of thousands of dollars vanish in front of my eyes, it has to happen — especially after how bad 2008 turned out to be.


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    • An ‘Unfortunate Change’? Not really. In my eyes, it is but a minor stylistic change. While I have and do prefer the single page format, it is the content I come to read, and if I must click ‘next page’ instead of scrolling down, so be it.
      It’s simple really. I’d rather flip through four, eight or sixteen pages than not be able to read you at all. And so if this is how you must proceed, then I will rejoice with you that you have such a simple solution available to you to maintain, or perhaps even grow your business.
      Go forward Jeff. Times change, sites change. We change. But we go forward.

    • I agree with Neal. I think breaking into those four will not be a bad thing and if it brings you more revenue then go for it. If you design it well (and I know you will) it won’t be a problem.

    • It’s a shame the advertisers are putting you in this position for an effectively artificial reason, but hey, I’ll go for it. If you offer a single page “For Print” version, I promise I’ll page through the others so that the impressions all register too…
      And it’ll still be fewer pages than at a lot of other photo review sites.

    • It’s a pity that you have to change the format. I’ve been reading your reviews for 7 years, and having everything in one page was always a pleasant sight for me (even in the old days of dial-up!). But I guess it’s better to change than to lose money in these hard times.

    • For the record, a single page option will still be available. The default, however, will 4 pages (including the gallery).

    • Don’t worry, we’ll adjust, and anyway we use ad-blockers to get rid of the annoying ads and enjoy your write-ups!