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  • Disneyland – February 2010

    Posted on March 2nd, 2010 Jeff Keller 6 comments

    A week ago I was down in Anaheim for PMA. Β The show was pretty dead, and I only had a couple of meetings, so naturally I went across the street to the Disneyland Resort.

    Below are photos from Disneyland, with California Adventure pictures to follow tomorrow. Since I’m planning on building a new DL photo site, I’m temporarily hosting these images here on my blog.

    I used the Nikon D300s for all of these.


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    • Your Disney pics are always the best. Every time you post them, it’s 1K+ out of my pocket. πŸ™‚

      OT- Mass Effect is probably the best game I’ve ever played. I’m about 25 hours into ME2, and IMO, it’s not even close to the orginal, which says a lot. Just a warning, it’s buggy on Vista and W7. Bind quick save to CAPS to save before going into diag.

    • I just finished Mass Effect last night and think the second was a lot better. The inventory system in the first one is maddening, as is that stupid vehicle you drive around. I still enjoyed it though, and now I know the backstory for the second one.

    • Sweet!!!!! New Disneyland pics! Thanks! My sister and I are planning a trip in the near future. Can’t wait. All the way from Seattle…

    • Ah, see, I prefer the MAKO to going from planet to planet and mining for resources. The new Normandy is WAY better. I do like the combat in ME2…I guess I just miss Kaidan. And, my shortcut keys.

    • Nice pics dude. A few stunners in there πŸ˜›

    • I love your photos and to answer your question about the details at Disneyland, I always notice them πŸ™‚