Umm, could you repeat that please?

As the editor of a pretty large site, I get a lot of e-mail. After you knock out the spam, which accounts for probably 75% of my e-mail, you’re left with a few things. First there are the folks, who despite my repeated requests, are asking for camera recommendations. Then there are people with technical questions, which I am usually happy to respond to, if I know the answer. The leftovers include thank you notes, questions about what camera I use, and when I’m going to review [insert camera name].
But every once in a while I get a really bizarre message. It’s not the content that’s bizarre, but the delivery. Someone will e-mail me a question or comment in their native language. Most recently, I got an e-mail and attached Powerpoint file from a guy in Sweden. I have no idea what he was trying to tell me, and I don’t know of any Swedish-English online translators out there.
So my question is… what motivates people to send a message like that? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I speak Swedish, German, and Portuguese?

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